FAQ: How To Cut Linoleum Around A Heater Vent?

How do you cut a subfloor around a vent?

How to Cut an Air Vent in a Wood Floor

  1. Place your vent in place on the floor where you want to cut the hole.
  2. Insert a 1/2-inch drill bit into a drill/driver.
  3. Insert the blade of the reciprocating saw into the hole.
  4. Back the saw up 1 inch.
  5. Insert the blade back into the hole.
  6. Drop the air vent into the hole.

Can you cut linoleum with scissors?

Vinyl plank flooring allows you to easily make cut-outs for protrusions. Use heavy-duty shop scissors or tin snips. To cut your linoleum, use a sharp utility knife or a hooked linoleum knife and cut along your pre-marked lines. Use a straightedge to ensure an accurate cut.

Can you drill through vinyl plank flooring?

Beside above, can you screw into vinyl flooring? Drilling and installing screws is preferred over nailing anything into the laminate floor. Use a flat drill bit at high speed to create a very smooth hole with minimal cracking to the underlying pressed board.

How do you install carpet around a radiator?

Stretch the carpet in to the last corner and cut around the radiator pipes, as shown. When cutting around a radiator pipe or other curved object, fold the carpet back perpendicular to the wall and butted up against the pipe. Make a straight cut perpendicular to the pipe and loosely fold the carpet around the pipe.

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How do you cut a vent?

Cut flex duct with a utility knife or shears and tin snips. Slice the metallic outer layer and the insulation around the round flex duct with the knife or shears and lay it back to expose the coiled wires. Cut each wire with snips, taking care to make the cuts even so the cut end is straight.

What’s the best way to cut linoleum?

Linoleum can be cut with a utility knife provided the material is first heated up with a heat gun, which is the most useful tool when cutting the material around drains, heater vents, corners and areas that have more than one, straight line.

Is it hard to cut linoleum?

It certainly wasn’t love at first sight: the lino was a struggle to cut, difficult to print and the end result, which I think I printed onto worthy hessian, was dismal. I was the only one that year to chose printmaking and, alone in the empty print studio, I gravitated towards lino as being at least something familiar.

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