Don worked very hard to get things right

We found information about Knowles Contracting on the internet. After talking to some of Don’s clients and taking a look at some of his past work and jobs in progress, we decided to go with his contracting company. Our initial contract with Don addressed some rather extensive water damage to our home. However, while discussing the insurance claim repairs, we mentioned a few remodeling ideas, unrelated to the insurance claim, that my wife and I had discussed over the years, but had never quite gotten around to doing.

Don took some of our remodeling ideas, got out his tape measure and began letting us know what was possible, given the budget we proposed. Of course, changes, adjustments and, in some cases, deletions were made to our remodeling plans, but Don was always reasonable and worked very hard, together with his crew, to get things right and to keep us satisfied with the products, the workmanship, and the budget.

Don’s estimate of the cost and the time it would take to complete the job were on or very close to target. In the end, in addition to the insurance claim repairs, we wound up expanding an exercise room and adding a wet bar area in the basement. We also upgraded the kitchen counter surfaces with granite and upgraded the floor tile, cabinets and counter tops in all of our bathrooms. Additionally, Don switched out and/or installed additional lighting in a number of rooms in our home.

Finally, if my wife and I ever need any other remodeling work done in our home, we would have no problem in contracting with Don or recommending Don.