Countertop Options

There is an abundant choice of countertop materials, colors and finishes that will complement and enhance any kitchen design. We can assist you with the selection process and help you to choose the countertops that will best suit your needs.

Granite and Natural Stone

granite countertops

Let Mother Nature help you create your dream kitchen with timeless beauty and everlasting functionality. The most common natural stones used for countertops are Granite and Marble. Granite is better suited for kitchens while marble is often chosen for baths.

Natural stone countertops are smooth and are relatively easy to maintain. Hot pans can be placed directly on Granite surfaces. Because stone is porous, it requires a sealant to protect it from staining.

Engineered Quartz

Engineered Quartz Countertops
Discover the natural beauty and durability of quartz crystals blended with innovation that brings easy care, stain resistance and lasting value to your home.

Engineered quartz is nonporous so it eliminates stains from wine, food colorings, fruit juices, paints and even nail polish. While a heat pad or trivet is recommended, engineered quartz is as resistant to heat as granite and other natural stones.

Popular engineered quartz surface manufacturers include DuPont Zodiaq®, Silestone, and Hanstone.

Solid Surfaces

Corian Countertops
Solid Surface countertops offer dramatic beauty, a broad spectrum of colors and finishes, long-life ruggedness and easy to maintain practicality. Because the color and pattern run through the material’s entire thickness, it is completely renewable. Solid Surface countertops are easy to maintain, and minor scratches, burns or discolorations can be easily repaired. Manufacturers recommend always using a cutting board and that hot pans not be placed directly on the surface.

Solid surface manufacturers include DuPont Corian®, Samsung Staron and LG HI-MACS.


Laminate Countertops
Laminates are still the most affordable choice for countertops. They offer the widest color palette and a multitude of dazzling patterns and textures from which to choose. Laminates are easy to maintain and are impact resistant. However, cutting boards must be used and you cannot place a hot pan directly on the countertop.

Laminate countertop manufacturers include WilsonArt and Formica.